Check out what other players are saying about the quality and performance of the ReedGeek “Universal” Reed Tool!


” The ReedGeek tool is a vital accessory for every woodwind player.
The potential to optimize and increase the longevity of your reeds can be achieved with the knowledge of a few basic premises about working with cane.  congratulations Mauro for Contributing to improving the saxophone playing experience.
Rick Keller


“I’ve found the ReedGeek to be far superior than any reed knife available on the market. Its easy to use and tremendously effective in fine tuning reeds. I’ve been able to achieve optimal control, resonance, and response from my reeds after using the Geek. It is a must have for all my university students and any one who is serious about sounding great.”
Dr. Kim Gast
Professor of Music
St. Cloud State University

Using ReedGeek on the table is easy and quite effective. I was pleasantly surprised both to see how forgiving your tool is and how well it shaves.   It is a great invention. I love how easily it works and the fact that it is not a big production job to tackle reeds any more. Congratulations. You’ve made a difference!
Neal Gilbert
Centennial, CO


“The ReedGeek is amazing…You’ve made our lives easier and for that I thank you! It’s life changing for sure!”…Mindi Abair

“I would like to thank you once again for inventing ReedGeek tool that is truly amazing!”
Yun-Yen Cheng
Clarinetist , Taiwan


Just fantastic. I used it on a reed that was heading for the bin.  Now its heading for the gig!  If you are a sax player and you don’t have one of these. you must come from another planet!!. Thanks for getting this out.

Garden International School


I love the Reed Geek. All my reeds for Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, and Soprano Sax are now perfectly balanced and play great. The Reed Geek works and it’s easy to use. Thanks for an awesome tool. Every musician should have the Reed Geek!


Mike DiRubbo contacting you from NYC.  I just wanted to let you know I am really digging the results of your Reedgeek.  What seems to work best for me is flattening the back of a brand new reed as a first step before I even wet it or play it.  So simple and effective.  Thanks so much!


Hi, Just picked up one at Mid-west.  Tool looks great!!! I make my own reeds (clarinet) and this will be very useful. Thanks! Mark


I tested de Reedgeek and  I loved! It´s amazing! My sound is the best now and I can play with more precision in the notes and I can play more softly, keeping constant my sound. Congratulations Mauro for help us with your great work. And thank you for your attention to me . God bless you.
I hope the Reedgeek will be a success here in Brazil !!
Giovanni Purgato






2 Responses to ReedGeek Raves!

  1. Bill Harris says:

    Wow! This thing is awesome!Not only does it do a great job on fixing reeds, but it’s so small and portable! No more traveling with sandpaper and glass!I love it! Thanks for this great tool.

  2. I would have never believed, but now I have two Reedgeek’s. One for the House and studio and One in my case. The Reedgeek does make a lot of difference, just a minor adjustment make’s the difference in response and over all play, too say nothing about making a non-player
    reed, into a playable Reed. I thought a razor blade would do a good job, but the weight of the geek is much better and accurate less chance of cutting finger’s as well. Tks. Geek People …… Ed