David Sanborn Endorses ReedGeek ® “Universal”  Reed Tool !


David and Mauro demonstrate how the ReedGeek® tool works and how easily you can learn to “fine tune” your reeds.


Tower of Power’s lead tenor saxophonist Tom Politzer and drum legend David Garibaldi show some love for ReedGeek.



 Other Notable Artists Speak About The ‘Geek!…



” We are all Reed Geeks and always will be as long as we love tone…so go get a ‘Geek!”…Eddie Daniels 


“I’ve been using the reed geek for a while now. It is a great little device that makes working on reeds very convenient and easy. Mauro, thanks a million for designing such a practical reed tool. It’s also great to be able to keep it in my case and not have to worry about flying with a reed knife.”…Bob Mintzer


“The Reed Geek is an indispensable part of my routine for breaking in and maintaining my reeds. I use it after every practice and playing session. It is an invaluable tool and will help every serious reed player refine more good reeds and optimize their performance”
Nelson Rangell
“One of the cleverest tools I have ever seen; the ReedGeek has an incredible amount of uses, which can be done quickly, even on the bandstand. Great product!!”

…Dave Liebman


“Hey man, Osby here…Basically speaking, I’ve resurrected about 75% of those unplayable reeds into ones with full blown playing potential, most of them absolute screamers that any player would consider first choices. The other 25% were either super-duds that were beyond revival or ones that I shaved too vigorously or split unintentionally. However, either way you look at it, in the steady hand of a skilled Geeksman, the tool will definitely allow a player to get maximum usage out of practically EVERY REED IN THE BOX. This simple, yet sophisticated little tool is nothing short of revolutionary and and player who doesn’t have one, is going to continue wasting money, patience and brain cells in their efforts to get the sound and response that they want as well as their money’s worth for their reeds. Every woodwind player should have one and should learn how to customize their cane. It’s a no-brainer.Greg Osby



“Well, it’s been a year now that I’ve been using the Reed Geek. I can honestly say it’s the best piece of kit I’ve found in years. And for sure the best piece of kit I’ve ever found for a reed.” …Euge Groove


Mauro, “I Can’t Do Without My Geek!”
Bob Sheppard


“I’ve used the reedgeek for many years now. It’s my standard practice to quickly work on my reeds with the tool before I put the reed on my horns. It makes every reed play more evenly throughout the entire range of my instruments and the reed’s lifespan is significantly improved. It’s by far the best reed tool I’ve ever used! Thank you to my good friend Mauro for inventing such a beautiful tool that every saxophonist and clarinetist should own.”     Brian Landrus

Its awesome what you can do with that ReedGeek! Evens the horn from bottom to top…Man, every woodwind player needs to buy one!”…Steve Wilkerson


“The Reed Geek does everything a reed knife does and much more; a must have product for any student or professional reed player” Gunnar Mossblad
” The ReedGeek tool is a vital accessory for every woodwind player.
The potential to optimize and increase the longevity of your reeds can be achieved with the knowledge of a few basic premises about working with cane.  congratulations Mauro for Contributing to improving the saxophone playing experience.
Rick Keller




2 Responses to Artists

  1. Michael says:

    Working with reeds is a way of life for the clarinet player. The Reed Geek takes much of the hassle out of it, meaning more time with the horn in my mouth. As an amateur with two small children…..this tool is invaluable for maximizing my practice time!

  2. Vincent Ioia says:

    Mauro, I just picked up my reed geek from the post office yesterday and using it now. I can’t believe it. It’s amazing. I’m taking reeds I thought could never play and they’re singing out from the lowest notes possible to the highest altissimo. This is truly a great tool. I sent Jeff Kashiwa a note since he recommended I get it (as did David Sanborn). Thank you so much for this product.

    Vincent Ioia